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Conqueren Leading Fresh Science & Technology Inc., LTD., founded in December 2020 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, is the only leading enterprise in the industry with a complete whole industrial chain operation of high-quality salmon in China.


The company was established in 2020


The company has more than 100 employees


The registered capital is 100 million RMB

Conqueren Leading Fresh Science & Technology Inc., Ltd.

Conqueren Leading Fresh Science & Technology Inc., LTD., founded in December 2020 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, has the largest coho salmon breeding scale in China, and is the only leading enterprise with the complete whole industrial chain operation of high-quality salmon in China. The company is based on the key Laboratory of Mariculture of the Ministry of Education and the Key Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed Science and Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Agriculture. The main products of the company are high efficient immune nutrition source of famous aquatic varieties, new fish disease resistant agents, key technologies of the high quality salmon industry chain and integrated innovation and industrial base demonstration of natural function health substances extraction. It is a modern bio-engineering high-tech enterprise and a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization integrating research and development, production, sales and consulting services. We strive to build the first brand of high-quality coho salmon in China and an internationally renowned brand, and reach the level of the first quality salmon in Asia, the top three in the world, and the total output of coho salmon in the world.

Corporate Philosophy

The company takes "integrity, pragmatism, dedication, innovation" as the corporate philosophy, based on the famous fishery industry and life health industry, with "health and safety" as the development theme, and integrates high-tech into the industrial field.

The technical force

The team has more than 100 core invention patents, which makes the company walk in the forefront of biotechnology innovation, and promotes the industry to provide support for the sustainable development of "quality and efficiency" and "environment and ecology".

Enterprise tenet

Employee Enjoyment, Customer Satisfaction, Community Benefit, Profit Growth



康源领鲜科技有限公司,成立于2020年12月,注册资金1亿元, 银鲑养殖规模国内最大。公司以海水养殖教育部重点实验室和农业部 水产动物营养与饲料学及疾病防治重点实验室为技术依托

康源领鲜科技股份有限公司,成立于2020年12月,注册资金1亿元 银鲑养殖规模国内最大。


Germplasm innovation and fry breeding

Quality salmon germplasm innovation and seed breeding;

Quality salmon germplasm resource bank and breeding center;

High quality salmon hatching, breeding and seed cultivation;

Tuna hatching, breeding and seed cultivation;

Intelligent high-end equipment and technology for efficient incubation and seed cultivation.


Land-based industrial recirculating aquaculture

Main breeds: Atlantic salmon, coho salmon, tuna;

Innovative breakthrough of fresh water domestication culture technology, combined with land-based RAS, land-sea relay culture mode and Marine cage and large Marine culture ship, ensuring high efficiency in breeding while significantly saving water, electricity, energy and land resources;

The core patented technology of tail water efficient treatment ensures no pollution to the surrounding environment of aquaculture.


Aquatic products deep processing

Quality salmon fresh, chilled, smoked and deep processed products.

Moderate fat content, high OMEGA-3, suitable for Chinese people's physique, reduce the three high to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Add natural antioxidant substances, good health function. Antarctic krill ensures muscle quality and taste. Multi-vaccine and whole industry chain traceability ensure no drug residues and parasites,with assured food safety. Optimal natural waters and high-quality salmon, fast logistics, safety, quality and taste superior to imported products, suitable for sashimi and other delicacies of raw materials.


Natural extract of functional health

Natural coloring substances and functional health food;

Natural astaxanthin, lutein, salmon oil, eucommia extract and other functional health substances.


High-efficiency and environment-friendly compound feed

Series of efficient and environmentally friendly compound feed:

High-grade extruded compound feed for cold water fish and sea water fish;

Special nutrient-fortified compound feed for shrimp, crab and other crustaceans, and high-grade shrimp slices for shrimp seedlings;

Sea cucumber, abalone special micro pellets, pellets and expanded compound feed;

Nutrition enhancement, excellent quality of finished products; High conversion rate, reduce N, P water emissions by more than 15%.


Pet food

Raw material composition: high quality salmon scraps, natural active ingredients for functional health, etc.

Nutritional efficacy: Rich in Omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids and other nutritional strengthening ingredients and added taurine, astaxanthin, vitamin E and other functional health active substances, effectively improve pet appetite, promote pet skin, hair coloring and joint health, stabilize pet's mood, soothe pet to enhance affinity.


Animal protection biologics

Fish series genetic vaccines, rapid diagnostic kits, antimicrobial peptides, microecological preparations, prebiotics, compound Chinese herbal preparations, water quality improvers.

The protection rate of multi-combination vaccine is more than 90%, ensuring the safety of the finished product.


Far-reaching Sea Marine Ranch

We are committed to developing deep sea ecological aquaculture through meticulous cultivation of our oceanic ranches, creating a convergent development model between deep sea aquaculture and cultural tourism, with a focus on constructing modernized industrial parks for oceanic ranching. This initiative aims to form a modernized industry cluster for marine fisheries, facilitate the high-quality construction of the "sea-barn" and support the construction of a maritime superpower.

Our production features ecologically and healthily bred premium water products such as high-quality salmon and tuna.



Conqueren Fresh

Conqueren Leading Fresh Science & Technology Inc., Ltd.

The company takes "integrity, pragmatism, dedication, innovation" as its corporate philosophy, based on the famous and excellent fishery industry and life health industry, seeking "health, safety" as the development theme, integrating the high-tech into the industrial field


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