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Introduction to Changle Project Base

Modern Facilities Fishery Science and Technology Industrial Park (Quality salmon industry chain demonstration base) project, invested by Conqueren  Leading Fresh  (Shandong) Marine Biotechnology Inc., LTD. With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the project plans to transfer about 4200 mu of aquaculture land to build modern facilities fishery Science and Technology Industrial Park (high-quality salmon industry chain demonstration base), with a total construction area of 2 million square meters and construction workshop of 1.6 million square meters. We are aimed to construct national salmon and trout germplasm resource bank, breeding center, quality salmon nursery artificial breeding center, industrial intelligent recirculating water aquaculture infrastructure and aquaculture system workshop, cultural tourism and leisure fishery experience area, salmon meat products deep processing workshop, Shandong Province silver salmon healthy culture engineering technology collaborative innovation center and supporting facilities. A total of 350 new seedling breeding, facility breeding system, aquatic product processing production lines, 780 sets of new aquaculture facilities, aquatic product processing equipment, using RAS technology and quality traceability system, to achieve an annual output of 300 million high-quality salmon seedlings and 100,000 tons of adult fish; With the cooperation of local cooperative cooperatives and farmers to build 10,000 mu of microalgae cultivation and marigold planting base, through large-scale seed cultivation, intensive production management, unified product acquisition, intensive processing of natural functional health substances, to create a leisure agricultural seed cultivation, sightseeing, picking, beauishing the environment as one of the tourism and leisure fishing experience comprehensive base.

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